Carraro Tractors with “Montemonaco nel Cuore”

Montemonaco (AP), 4 May 2017 – Today was a special morning for the community of Montemonaco, a small Italian town of 604 inhabitants in the province of Ascoli Piceno.

The main square of the town, in fact, saw the delivery of a Carraro Agricube “Tre cavallini” FL100 tractor in fa-vour of the “Montemonaco in Your Heart” project, in the presence of Tomaso Carraro, Deputy Chairman of the Carraro Group, Franca Grilli, President of the local Merchants' Association, the Deputy Mayor of Monte-monaco, Manuela Corbelli, and Regional Councillor Alberto Antoniozzi.
With this donation, Carraro Tractors intends to give its support to an important project to relaunch an economy hit by the recent earthquake.

The "Montemonaco nel Cuore” (Montemonaco in Your Heart) project, in fact, has been sponsored by the local Merchants' Association, with the goal of restoring the historic chestnut groves in the area, now abandoned, while allowing many people to retrain and find employment. An excellent way of relaunching the local econ-omy, promoting a valuable natural asset, namely the "chestnuts" of Montemonaco, recognised for their quality and unique flavour. Thanks to “Montemonaco in Your Heart”, the ancient local plantations will find new life, grow and soon obtain their own PGI denomination.

In all this, the presence of a specialist tractor, such as that of Carraro, can undoubtedly be of great help in both supporting the agricultural activity as well as for a whole range of activities to facilitate the smooth func-tioning of the infrastructures serving the area (road cleaning, materials handling, etc.).