More than 1600 visitors to Carraro for the Open Factory event

A resounding success which exceeded all expectations

27 November will no doubt be a day that is deeply etched in the memory of the 1,600+ people who experienced Carraro's most recent Open Factory event.

The occasion provided the company with the perfect opportunity to open its doors to a large number of Carraro employees and their families, as well as to a host of guests who decided to spend a Sunday afternoon doing something a little different.

Those in attendance at Carraro's headquarters in Campodarsego were greeted by the stunning architectural structure of the facility, designed in the 60s by architect Ermenegilda D'Agaro (a pupil of Carlo Scarpa), before entering into the heart of the company's production facility. Here, visitors were given the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the brand's cutting-edge machine tools and assembly lines. Subsequently, they were guided towards the R&D department, where Carraro's prototypes are born, and where new products are tested. Each tour, which lasted around an hour, concluded with a visit to an exclusive photo exhibition, featuring a series of black and white shots tracing the history and origins of Carraro. Before leaving, guests were also able to take a closer look at some of the specialised tractors that Carraro manufactures at its production site in Rovigo.

"The success of the event is a very positive sign. In a world that seems to be increasingly fixated on the intangible, with digital start-ups dominating the market ... a new desire is taking shape - the drive to rediscover the "culture of doing." And the factory, which is where the products are made, has become the centre of attention once again. There also seems to be an urge to get back to the basics of production, which goes beyond the simple "back to manufacturing" motto - I think this is in part due to the decline of the abstract economic world that we have witnessed in recent years - a world which was always based more on numbers than on reality." - commented Enrico Carraro, the Group's chairman, in reference to the popularity of the event. "Accordingly, there is an increasing need to see and touch something tangible and concrete: iron, steel and human capital at work. Today, however, production plants which simply take delivery of raw materials and churn out finished parts are no longer the norm. Conversely, in this day and age, manufacturing facilities are characterised by a high level of technological content, with R&D designers working alongside experts from the planning divisions. We are always moving forwards, towards increasingly advanced automation processes, in accordance with the key principles of the 4.0 industrial revolution."