The Machine Tool Olimpics event comes to Carraro

More than 60 students from technical institutes compete between theory and practice

CAMPODARSEGO – Friday, April 1st, the Carraro Group’s Campodarsego plant had the pleasure to host the second edition of the “Olimpiade della Macchina Utensile” (“Machine Tool Olympics”), an event promoted by Confindustria Padova that saw the participation of 60 students coming from Padua’s different professional and technical institutes with mechanical specialization.

Starting from 9 a.m., the students, divided into 12 teams, faced a series of theoretical and practical challenges and had the chance to experiment the most modern technologies for the programming of manufacturing installations, to learn the required skills and to test their competencies, with the support of entrepreneurs and company tutors.

In the afternoon, the jury, composed of entrepreneurs, company technicians and teachers, awarded the winning teams. Team number 8, composed of students coming from the Istitute IIS “Meucci” (Cittadella, Padua) won the competition. Adriano Bizzotto, Marco Dalla Vigna, Riccardo Gazzetto, Filippo Scapin e Daniele Zamin brilliantly passed the practical test, that consisted in working with a part of a product. After examining the sample, they quoted the technical drawing inserting dimensional tolerances, form, roughness and they programmed the productive cycle.

The winning team received a 600-euro coupon to buy didactic material, whereas the runner-up won a 300-euro coupon, all paid by Carraro.

“To host the Olimpiade della Macchina Utensile represents, for us, a great opportunity to get into contact with technical education and it is the occasion to create a virtuous connection between school and enterprise, that should learn to dialogue more – explains Tomaso Carraro, vice president of the Carraro GroupOnly through a strict relationship between companies and schools us entrepreneurs can transfer the real needs of our competitive context. The presence of business testimonials in classrooms and of students in our plants is fundamental to connect these two worlds. Without this commitment we cannot pretend that the future will provide us the perfect resources. Similarly, it would not be possible to train future talents able to go beyond the mere academic contents they find in their textbooks”.

This event shows the continuous attention the Group devotes to the development of young talents through an active participation to the initiatives promoted by the territory.