SIAP has been recognised as a center of excellence for Volvo Construction Equipment

The Maniago plant is a best practice for its efficiency

Volvo Construction Equipment, one of the most important groups worldwide in the design and manufacture of construction equipment, present in over 125 countries, has recognised the SIAP plant in Maniago, specialised high quality gears, as one of its partners of excellence.

“When 50% of the value of one's machines comes from purchased components– reads the text of a technical publication produced by Volvo CE – the importance of having high-performance suppliers is obvious”.

And SIAP is one of the reference companies, i.e. a "best practice" to be taken as a model since 2011, the year of adoption of the Volvo Production System. A highly efficient manufacturing approach, based on the "lean” concept.

“Five years ago we saw a great opportunity in this path in order to further improve the way we work. – explains Paolo De Col, SIAP Plant ManagerIt has been a fruitful relationship of mutual exchange and, together with Volvo, we have grown both in terms of quality as well as punctuality”.

It has been a continuous improvement path and today SIAP has reached the highest quality levels, substantially eliminating defects and significantly improving precision in deliveries.

“The introduction of techniques such as the "5S's", value stream mapping, kanban and "cell" production have made the difference. – continues Paolo De ColWe have changed the layout of the lines and invested in new machines to avoid bottlenecks. Adopting the cell approach, we have reduced lead time by 69% and gained 25% of plant space”.

All excellent results, only possible through a close and fruitful partnership that led Volvo in recent months to choose the SIAP plant in Maniago as the venue for organising the “Volvo Supplier’s Day”, the annual meeting involving a select number of suppliers.

The organisation of this important meeting in SIAP is a confirmation of the level of excellence achieved by SIAP, which already since a number of years has initiated a process involving, at various levels and in a constant and methodical manner, various work teams (production, quality, engineering) leading, over time, to a series of changes, such as a different organisation of space, procedures and tools, all designed to reduce waste and encourage a more streamlined work process.

An important step forward for a company, SIAP, which already stands out in the Carraro Group, to which it belongs, as a point of reference for gear machining and heat treatment.

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