Luca Barcellona & 2014 Annual Report

An Italian calligrapher known at international level

The journey of Carraro Group in the world of arts continues this year thanks to its Annual Report. In recent times we chose various illustrators, with very different characteristics. In the last two years we approached photography, firstly with Marco Zanta, from Italy, and then with Jessica Backhaus, from Germany. Realizing true stories, in pictures, from our reality.

To accompany the 2014 data we have chosen an Italian calligrapher known at international level, Luca Barcellona, ​​born in 1978. Letters are the main component of his creations. The aim of his work is to promote coexistence between the manual skill of an antique art form such as calligraphy with the languages and instruments of the digital era. His lettering has been adopted by many leading brands in fashion, clothing, music and publishing industry. Luca has also worked for major museums and since 2007, he has taught calligraphy for the Italian Calligraphy Association.

He holds workshops and conferences all over the world. With Luca we got close to quite a unique artistic experience, and we hope this will - possibly thanks to an aesthetically refined graphic sign - make its mark.

Annual Report 2014

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