Oscar Carraro Tractor Museum is born

You can only look to the future starting from your past

From this awareness came the idea of creating a space dedicated to the origins of the Carraro Group, retracing the entrepreneurial spirit of the early 20th century which led the company to become one of the global benchmarks in agricultural mechanisation.

In this process, one of the most significant figures was undoubtedly Oscar Carraro, to whom our «Tractor Museum» is dedicated. It was, in fact, Oscar who — in the wake of the inventiveness of his father Giovanni and together with his brother Mario — made a personal contribution to the new direction of the company with the birth, in 1960, of the first agricultural tractor with the «Tre Cavallini» brand.

Inside the museum, which is located in Carraro Agritalia — the Group plant which still today designs and produces tractors — are a number of products that symbolically marked the success of the company in the 60’s and 70’s.

Today, therefore, the exhibition area also includes a C18 automatic seeder (the first Carraro vehicle to have the shape of a tractor; introduced in 1957, more than one thousand units were produced ); the 230 tractor (the first with four wheel drive, introduced in 1964); the 354 tractor, one of the first vehicles with the characteristics of a modern tractor.

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