The Carraro Group is sponsoring Ex Machina / Powered by Porsche Italia

Project dedicated to young people who want to generate innovative solutions in the enterprise environment.

The Carraro Group has decided to be part of the Porsche Italia project Ex Machina, dedicated to young people who want to generate innovative solutions in the enterprise environment.

This initiative, developed in partnership with H-FARM, the main Italian "Venture Incubator", and Porsche Consulting, leader in management consulting services, was created to promote young people with talent and energy to invest in the future of our country.

"The Silicon Valley is not born from nothing, but has developed from the nearly century-old industrial and cultural California tradition (aerospace, military, energy, electronics, but also entertainment industry), which led the state on the West Coast of America to excel in the field of innovation. - said Tomaso Carraro, Group Vice Chairman - in the same way we should try to conceive "our" Silicon Valley, starting from what we are best at in our country: to create artifacts of merit and excellence, no matter if we are talking about mechanical products or clothing, food or else. For this reason Carraro has decided to support the great project of Porsche and H-Farm. Namely to find a common path for the economic / industrial Italian traditional technologies and the innovative ones to explore new ways to create, produce, sell and communicate the products of excellence that our country is capable to manufacture".

"Moreover, two of the founding values of our Group are We stimulate innovation and We develop talents. We could not help, therefore, but being on board this initiative, which is in line and consistent exactly with such key points. – added Tomaso Carraro - We are convinced that, at any level, it is now necessary to invest in resources that can open the minds of organizations, in a creative way, giving different contributions to the ordinary activities. There is no business, whether B2B or B2C, where we can limit ourselves to walk the streets already marked. Since its start the attitude to change has been part of the Carraro DNA and today much more than ever it is necessary to make a quantum leap forward, on products as well as on processes".

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