Jessica Backhaus & Annual Report 2013

A true talent recognised all over the world.

As usual this year too the Carraro Annual Report was designed to tell "who we are" in a meaningful way rather than an obvious one.

Accompanying text and data, this time we chose to produce a series of images that fully represent our reference contexts, and we did it with the help of a young photographer, Jessica Backhaus – a true talent recognised all over the world. This way, we believe we have enhanced the value of our path.

"Jessica Backhaus is used to take on challenges. - writes Giulia Zorzi, Micamera Gallerist (Milan) - Even better, constant challenge is for her the only possible way. She was only 16 when she left Germany and decided to move to Paris to study. Here, she met Gisèle Freund, a legendary photographer, who played a major role in the cultural scene from the ‘30s onwards. Jessica and Gisèle were bound by a deep friendship, but after a few years Backhaus left Paris and moved to New York, without ever having shown her work to her mentor. The time for this had still to come, she was not ready yet. In the United States, she learnt all the secrets of the technical side of photography, working as an assistant for famous photographers such as David LaChapelle, mastering light and sets. These were hard and important years. Through the experience gained in these years, Jessica learnt to master the light – which, in the future, for her, would always be only natural light. She was now ready to forget the technical aspects and photograph with her heart, as Gisèle Freund had always taught her".

If you want to know something more about Jessica, here's the link to her web site and to a short documentary.

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