Carraro renews its support to Amici della Musica di Padova

The motto is easy: Mechanics always sound good

The 2013-2014 concert season of Amici della Musica di Padova will begin on October 10, with a concert by the young Russian pianist Daniil Trifonov, and once again Carraro will join this association for the entire journey. The thirty-year relationship between the Campodarsego mechanical group and the Paduan historical association is therefore renewed .

Upon such occasion, Carraro has decided to design a simple page advertising that was published on the media tools by Amici della Musica.

The motto is easy: Mechanics always sound good. Carraro for music. The background image is very evocative, with the picture of a technological axle that seems to move with harmony on a black background. In a musical way, in fact.

This also means that in a macro-economic environment, increasingly linked to the dynamics of finance, and less to those of the real economy, it is appropriate to give due importance to concrete things, "back to manufacturing."

Exactly for this reason, "Mechanics always sound good".

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