Carraro “DiaGnoSys" is born

An innovative diagnostic tool for the off-highway sector

Carraro “DiaGnoSys”, an innovative diagnostic tool for the off-highway sector, is introduced following an agreement between TEXA and Carraro DriveTech

The two companies sign a partnership agreement to market the tool worldwide

Carraro DriveTech, the global market leader in drive systems for agricultural and earth moving machines, and TEXA, the top name in electronic vehicle diagnostics, have signed an important agreement to market a new multi-brand diagnostic tool.

Collaboration between the research centres of both companies has led to the development of the Carraro “DiaGnoSys”, a diagnostic tool able to run all types of diagnostic test on machines equipped with Carraro drive systems and on a wide range of agricultural and construction machines from other leading manufacturers.

Once connected to the vehicle’s diagnostic socket, DiaGnoSys instantly detects all errors caused by electronic malfunctions, and suggests the best solution. The tool can also make all necessary setting changes, from warning light resets to ECU recalibrations and parameter changes to ECU controlled functions. Thanks to its built-in Bluetooth wireless interface, DiaGnoSys can also run dynamic or short range telemetric tests.

Under the terms of the agreement, Carraro DriveTech will market this innovative product through its own worldwide dealer network.

Bruno Vianello, TEXA’s founder and CEO, declares: “I am delighted with our new Carraro DriveTech agreement. The fact that a global market leader like Carraro has chosen TEXA as its preferred partner for an area as strategic and delicate as customer service clearly confirms the validity of TEXA technology and quality.”

“Today, offering customers a good product is not enough. You need to deliver high added value service too”, comments Enrico Carraro, Vice President of the Carraro Group. “To do so, you need to acquire additional competences through strategic partnerships with expert companies in parallel sectors, like TEXA. Electronics form an integral part of Carraro’s product offer, so providing our customers with an advanced diagnostic tool will enable us to go beyond our current product and differentiate our offer from those of our competitors.”


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