Today for Tomorrow

Carraro’s new ERP management system gets started

Coherently with the strategic path launched in 2010, “Carraro 2.0”, the Group has now repositioned itself and found new competitive momentum within its reference markets.

In the frame of radically changed scenarios, new business opportunities have been explored in previously uncharted sectors, and above all, in geographic areas undergoing dramatic expansion, such as India and China, where today we are present with more than 1,700 people out of a total Carraro workforce of 4,400 employees worldwide.

In this context, making our systems and our company management processes state-of-the-art is a key development, inasmuch as this is an integral part of our business model.

For this reason, we elected to invest time and resources in adopting a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management system. To assist in roll-out, a team has been formed to collaborate with some of the sector’s best-known technology partners.

The aim of the project is to radically improve the Group’s operational efficiency by creating a high-performance management environment that is uniform across all of Carraro’s worldwide operations.

This is a strategic project, above all because this new system will be the foundation for the Group’s growth in the near term.

Hence the motto, “Today for Tomorrow”.

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