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The project “Carraro Culture” gets underway: a reflection on the Group’s fundamental values.

The Carraro Group, which over the years has reached ever more prestigious goals and also overcome very complex challenges, owes its success today to several benchmark values that have been handed down over its long history of more than 70 years.

In a market environment that has completely changed and is still continuing to evolve, where nothing is as it once was, it is therefore crucial to chart a clear course, including in order to be able to compete. And to get there, it is necessary that the fundamentals of the company’s industrial reality are clear.

For this very reason, Carraro today starts from its Values and its Culture, reflecting on them and confirming that they are current and are translated into everyday actions and conduct. With the knowledge that all of this can also have a direct and measurable impact on the company’s performance.

This is how the “Carraro Culture” project was born, with the main objective of consolidating and sharing a code of conduct to which all can refer, especially within the company.

It is a long-term, multifaceted project that can be truly successful only with the participation and involvement of all people in the Group, as well as that of our partners.


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