Easy Lub, the smart solution for automated lubrication

An innovation for advanced transmission systems

From the close collaboration between Carraro Spare Parts and Lincoln comes Easy Lub, a solution which grants the right lubrication of the steering and suspended axles.

This kit is made of a divider and of a high pressure pipes system, and it allows the right quantity of lubricant to quickly reach the different sensitive areas of the axle at the same time.

A traditional steering axle has many lubrication points. A suspended axle can have up to 24. With Easy Lub the lubrication points will be no more than two, in the most complex configuration: you won't need to clean the greasers and you'll spare one hour in the lubricating operations.

Easy Lub, through its dividers and a patented system of valves and pistons, provides the needed quantity of oil in every point, eliminating any possible waste of lubricant.

Thanks to a constant and well distributed lubrication, Easy Lub allows to maximize the correct running of the axles, improving their efficiency and extending their working life, thus also extending the life of the entire machine.

The Easy Lub solution obtained a great success during the SIMA Trade Show in Paris, attended by the French Parts Distributor HDS.

Further information on www.carry4you.it

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