Towards Mechatronics

Carraro leads Assiot into ANIE

The new Carraro application market scenarios are univocal: you have to keep on evolving. It doesn't matter whether it's components, gears, transmission systems, tractors or inverters.

In our Group's history, changes of route have occurred several times, in the knowledge that, along the road, they are necessary and, often with change, new ideas to continue growing are discovered.

Today more than ever, in the middle of market scenarios hardly seen before, such an attitude can be particularly successful. This is true and can be seen from an association point of view, if we look, for example, at ASSIOT, led by its newly appointed chairman Tomaso Carraro, which is about to join ANIE - Confindustria, the Italian Federation of Electrotechnical and Electronic enterprises.

This decision may not appear to be consistent with the traditional missions of the associated companies, but it represents a challenge and a sign of the maturity of the Italian entrepreneurs in the mechanical area who want to switch from small to large, from components to systems ... to reach the real mechatronic.

Such an evolution can only happen by enlarging, particularly through the association network, one's own business area and by making bold development choices. Opening up to innovation, to an international dimension and - if not feasible with one's own resources - to joining forces with colleagues in the same sector.

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