Carraro Agritalia at Enovitis

Machine Trial in the wineyard

ENOVITIS – International Vine and Olive Growing Technics Exhibition – organizes also machine trials in the vineyard called “ENOVITIS IN CAMPO”, a moment to check the technical capacities of each machine so that wine growers are given good rating criteria for their technical choises.

The exhibition ENOVITIS IN CAMPO wants to be a showcase for wine growers only, which will present the new production techniques and the novelties in the machinery production for the vineyard. The travelling trials take place every two years and display a full product range: from vineyard planting to treatments, from machines for soil and vineyard cultivating (tractors, grubbers, rotary hoes, rotary cultivators with coil shanks, pruning machines, leaf removers, headers, etc.) to grape harvesters in different models.


Azienda Condè - Fiumana di Predappio (Forlì-Cesena) Azienda Condè - Fiumana di Predappio (Forlì-Cesena)


From 21/06 to 22/06 2012

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