Know how

Recognised technological leadership in drive systems for on- and off-road vehicles, and consolidated know-how of systems for power management and transformation are the Carraro keys to success.

Research and innovation are therefore the competitive levers that have allowed the Group to successfully enter into relations with major world manufacturers or agricultural and earth-moving machinery, and with the most important players in the sector of alternative energy sources.

Today, the Group can boast a standing of reliable, high quality partner in all scopes of application, in the development of efficient, eco-friendly integrated solutions. Whether mechanical systems for motion transmission, or highly sophisticated electronic components. Quality has always been the watchword of all Carraro’s work. And there is no process or product that is not certified.

But quality also means the awareness that to reach a higher level of creative design, there is an increasing need to integrate the various 'intelligences' and cultures available in the Group. And it is precisely from this viewpoint that the presence of Carraro Technologies India, the R&D centre based in Pune, is a fundamental move.

Because being leaders means having the capacity to set out one’s own product solutions, optimising them according to the different contexts and applications, with a flexibility that can always provide the right product for the specific market.

  • Carraro Drivetech
    Integrated drivelines for agricultural tractors, earth-moving machines, forklift trucks, light commercial vehicles, mining applications and wind generators

    Integrated drivelines

  • Carraro Agritalia
    Design and manufacturing of "light-utility", vineyards and orchards tractors for main OEMs

    Design and manufacturing of specialized tractors

  • SIAP
    Gears and components for drivelines for construction and agricultural applications, wind-powered generators, railway and automotive applications, material handling.

    Gears & Components

  • Carraro Spare Parts
    Discover how you can save money, buy only the spare parts you really need and get maximum benefits from original Carraro spare parts!

    Carraro Spare Parts