The Carraro electrified solutions

The Carraro electrified solutions

A new paradigm in the agricultural equipment sector

Mild Hybrid Powertrain (P0, P1)

A new paradigm in the agricultural equipment sector

By combining an internal combustion engine and a 48 V 20 kW electric motor, this unique powertrain is the ideal solution for agriculture which can guarantee the same advantages as a 100 hp combustion engine while optimising fuel consumption and reducing emissions. 

This is due to a smaller combustion engine and smart control of the electric boost function which sustains and optimises diesel engine overload (during transport and work, for example). 

Thanks to an internal combustion engine which is downsized to just 55 kW, this solution also avoids the need to install an SCR catalytic converter imposed by the European STAGE V emissions standards; this offers considerable advantages for specialised tractors in terms of dimensions and costs.


  • The same advantages as a 100 hp powertrain but with a 55 kW internal combustion engine and a 48V electric motor
  • Low fuel consumption due to a smaller engine and smart boost function management
  • The smart boost function provides optimised support for diesel engine overload problems (during transport and work, for example)


Hybrid (P2)

An innovation in the field of specialised tractors

The Carraro Hybrid project marks a real turning point in the agricultural mechanisation of specialised tractors. 

The complex parallel-type architecture enables the power delivered to be optimised according to the various operations to be performed by the tractor. More specifically, operators can choose whether they wish to work in: 

  • pure electric mode: for use inside closed structures, greenhouses and stables or for municipal applications 
  • diesel only: for road transportation or when not carrying/towing heavy loads  
  • hybrid: for transport operations when towing or carrying loads, or for heavy PTO operations 

With this architecture, the auxiliary systems are managed by dedicated electric motors which serves to further streamline usage. 

The new Hybrid system helps to reduce fuel consumption, eliminate emissions (in full electric mode), increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs (due to reduced use of the combustion engine), maintain the quality of crops (due to lower Co2 emissions) and reduce the level of noise and vibrations.  

Technical details

  • Internal combustion engine size reduced from 82 kW to 56 kW thanks to parallel hybrid electric architecture
  • Electrification of all the auxiliary systems
  • Dimensions compatible with Speciality Tractor applications
  • 2.2 litre 56 kW internal combustion engine
  • 20 kW electric motor
  • 25 kWh LiFePO4 battery pack


eTransmission (P3)

For “zero impact” operating machines

Work sites and construction equipment are moving towards full sustainability. In this context, it is vital to develop solutions that allow the vehicles to operate at maximum efficiency as far as fuel consumption is concerned while reducing emissions. To meet this need, Carraro has developed a series of transmissions which integrate electric motors in order to meet legal requirements and reduce emissions whilst guaranteeing performance and productivity.

eTCH90 Long Drop

A torque converter full powershift transmission designed to become an integrated powertrain for Hybrid and Full-electric vehicles. eTCH90 can guarantee a high level of flexibility by combining compact electric motors with scalable horsepower at both Low and Hi-Voltage. Suitable for a number of machines with same size tyres including telescopic trucks.


A transmission specially developed for full-electric based applications which can minimise power losses even at high input rotation speed. eTB220 can create high flexibility by integrating one or more compact electric motors for multi-stage solutions. The group of integrable electric motors offers scalable horsepower and can operate at both Low and Hi-Voltage.


eAxle (P4)

A range of fully integrated electrified axles

When vehicle ergonomics require maximum compactness, solutions are needed that optimise integration of the mechanics and the drive system. Carraro has strengthened this expertise within the company, first with electric powertrains for forklift trucks, and has used this know-how to find applications in the field of construction equipment as well.


Axle for counterbalance forklift trucks with integrated electric motor.