The future is electric and hybrid

The future is electric and hybrid

The integrated Made in Carraro solution for both hardware and software


Consolidated expertise

In an increasingly connected world where digital transformation has already made its mark in the on-highway and off-highway sectors, Carraro currently offers innovative solutions for the electronic control of transmission systems and vehicles as well as complete powertrains in the field of e-mobility. The development of customised software, supported by proprietary hardware platforms, guarantees the control of the main vehicle functions ranging from the human-machine interface to control of traction and the entire electrified powertrain.


The response to a constantly changing world

The world we live in has a constantly growing population and the demand for energy is becoming increasingly more challenging. The need to reduce emissions can no longer be delayed. Faced with this scenario, Carraro has decided to focus on low-impact technologies by proposing hybrid and full-electric solutions for its construction equipment, agriculture and material handling markets.  By combining mechanical know-how and consolidated electrical and electronic expertise, we can design all types of electrical architecture and size and integrate the most suitable electrical modules (ranging from engines and generators and ECUs and inverters to batteries and battery management systems) to obtain the best performance from the whole system.


For total control

In addition to its expertise in pure mechanical design – of both components and vehicles – over the years Carraro has acquired specific know-how in electronic control systems to maximise performance and productivity. More specifically, we can currently offer a full range of proprietary Electronic Control Units which can be adapted to an extensive range of application needs. By integrating connected solutions, we can also guarantee remote support and ensure that the controlled system is 100% reliable.