World Recycling Day 2022: we refuse to call it waste!

01 四月 2022

On March 18th the World Recycling Day was celebrated all over the world, a moment of global reflection on the possibility of giving new life to waste through its proper separation and disposal. A practice that we must all learn to carry out in our small daily gestures and that certainly contributes to the preservation of our planet. 

On the occasion of this anniversary, it was decided to raise all Carraro employees’awareness - at all latitudes - involving them in an activity that would lead them to consider a resource what they normally looked at to be thrown away.

Employees were asked to bring a used PET plastic bottle to their workplace and to place it in the special containers provided for the occasion; while doing so, they were explained the correct procedure for conferring it. Talking about recycling in a conscious way was very important to make many people aware of this issue and to make them understand that with simple daily gestures we can really make a difference.

With these simple behaviors we wanted to keep up the attention on the impact that each of us has on the ecosystem. We are aware that our Group too is gradually developing an increasingly attentive attitude in this regard. The ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems, present in 75% of our plants, is in fact an acknowledgement of Carraro's commitment to the environment and a starting point for increasingly virtuous and sustainable production.

Global Recycling Day

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