All Carraro Italian plants are certified AEO-F

Even SIAP, like Carraro Drive Tech and Carraro SpA (Agritalia and R&D Division), received this certification from the European Customs Authority

In recent days, also the SIAP plant in Maniago received the AEO-F certificate (Authorized Economic Operator) from the European Customs Authority, thus joining Carraro Agritalia (certified from June 2018) and Carraro Drive Tech (certified since March 2017).

This completes a path that led all the Italian branches of our Group to be officially recognized in terms of economic, financial and customs reliability, as well as in the overall management system of product logistics. Another success of the Carraro Group that only a few other companies in Veneto Region can boast given the high standards required by the customs authorities.

Thanks to the AEO-F certification we will have an ever-increasing efficiency in the management of the export and import flows of goods, with skills and professional qualifications completely in line with the EU provisions. In addition, we will benefit, at the service of all our international customers, from an excellent speed of transport and the possibility of accrediting in other countries the shared requirements in terms of reliability and safety according to the AEO standards.

Furthermore, this certification will allow us, by the end of the year, to issue most of the export customs bills directly within the company, to request export premiums and the reimbursement of excise duties on the oils contained in our products, avoiding external support, with consequent cost savings.

上一次更新: 21 四月 2019