A special tractor for a special cause

Carraro Group and the Campania-based Carraro Tractors' dealer Pirozzi side by side to write a beautiful story of solidarity

Last June 7 in Giuliano, in the province of Naples, a big party was held at the home of Pirozzi, a well-known Campania-based agricultural equipment dealer and Carraro Tractors dealer. The special occasion was the delivery, in the presence of Tomaso Carraro, vice president of the Group, and many customers, of a special Carraro Compact VLB 75 tractor. 

Special for many reasons. First of all because it was decorated with a livery specially designed by Fabio Vettori, the illustrator known for his famous "little ants." Secondly because this vehicle has been the testimonial, in recent months, of Carraro Tractors' Journey to Italy and has traveled all over the peninsula making itself recognized and appreciated as an unprecedented mascot. 

But above all, because this very unique tractor was auctioned off by the Carraro Group among all its dealers, with the aim of raising funds for a very heartfelt charitable cause; last year, in fact, the violence of the Covid-19 pandemic drastically affected India, a geographical area where the Group has one of its most important offices. 

Despite initiatives aimed at reducing the impact of the emergency, including a major vaccination campaign dedicated to local employees, there was no shortage of casualties among them with the emergence of the need to financially support their families in need. The Group, after intervening directly and with voluntary donations from employees at all locations, also decided to hold this special auction and donate the entire amount raised to this cause. 

Therefore, the winner of the coveted tractor was dealer Pirozzi, to whom the applause and thanks of the entire Group are due. 

上一次更新: 21 八月 2022