A special edition of Open Factory for the Campodarsego site

27 November 2019

A few days after the end of the 2019 edition of Open Factory, the Italian opening of industrial and manufacturing tourism, we are pleased to retrace the highlights of this initiative.

Compared to previous editions, in fact, that saw us open the doors of the Campodarsego, Rovigo and Maniago plants to thousands of visitors - including colleagues, families, friends and other people from the surroundings - we decided to take a step forward by focusing on a quality program divided into two events.

In the early Sunday afternoon, our Hall in Via Olmo became the perfect venue to host a talk - moderated by the Corriere della Sera journalist Nicola Saldutti - on "The future of business, between territory and development" in the presence of Enrico Carraro, Chairman of the Group, Antonio Calabrò, President of Museimpresa, and Annalisa Magone, CEO of Torinonordovest. This was the occasion to reflect on the role that companies can have in the contexts in which they operate. Not only being places of production, but, above all, driving innovation and people aggregation. And therefore - in some way - also culture. At the end of the talk, the 100 guests also had the chance to visit our Campodarsego factory in small groups. On this occasion, instead of the traditional gadget, all the participants were given a postcard of Care&Share, the NGO that we have been supporting for years. The amount collected from this initiative will serve to support two Indian children for a year on their path to emancipation through education.

In the late afternoon, the shipping warehouse became the ideal location to host the choral version of "Fabbrica", the show written by Ascanio Celestini and telling about Italian workers' history. This event, produced by Teatro Stabile del Veneto, was played by the students of the local Theater School of Excellence. In the frame of an original scenery flat made of variously coloured axles, on the concrete surfaces of our production spaces, a true magic was staged. Especially thanks to the energy of the young actors. This initiative - as Tomaso Carraro explained at the beginning of the event - that involved over 350 spectators, contributed to a fundraising for "a l'Avogaria" Theater in Venice, recently damaged by high water.

Once again it was nice to see Carraro people - and many volunteers - take part in this event with pride and enthusiasm, demonstrating a special sense of belonging to their company.

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