Carraro Group joining “aCar” project for Africa

Our light axles for an electrical, “multitasking” vehicle

Since a few months our Group has become partner of “aCar” project, sponsored by the Bavarian Research Foundation and managed by Technische Universität München, aiming at manufacturing an electrical, “multitasking”, all-wheel drive vehicle, specially conceived for African populations’ needs.

More in detail, such vehicles – that will operate in the sub-Saharan Region and will be suitable also for transport of both passengers and goods – are thought to have minimal maintenance exigencies, with an electrical endurance of 80 Km and a total load capacity of one ton.

The new aCar will facilitate the transfer of many people within rural areas and will allow them to move to local markets to commercialize their products; at the same time, it will also serve as an excellent mobile base for water treatment.

The project – that includes the use of Carraro axles for light commercial vehicles – was outlined in the perspective of the highest sustainability, it will therefore be possible to manufacture the aCar locally, thus fostering the development of economy among the sub-Saharan populations. In the future this new family of vehicles might arguably find an application even within our European urban centres, in line with an eco-sustainable transport policy.

Being part of this valuable initiative, next to other important international players of the automotive sector, allows the Group to reach new innovative competences in the on-highway vehicles world and, on the other side, to contribute to a path rich in strong and positive social extrapolations.

aCar web site

aCar on YouTube

上一次更新: 21 四月 2019