The Friuli Region (Italy) remains a key area. Further developments planned for the Maniago site.

The plan was confirmed during a meeting today at Friuli Region headquarters.

Campodarsego (Padua), May 8, 2015 – A meeting of a delegation of Carraro Group, led by Chairman Enrico Carraro, and Sergio Bolzonello (Vice-President and Councillor for productive activities, trade, cooperation, agricultural and forest resources) - and Loredana Panariti (Councillor Councillor for work, training, education, gender equality, youth policies, research and universities) was held earlier today at Friuli Venezia Giulia Region headquarters in Udine.

During such meeting, which was attended also by Alberto Negri, CEO of Carraro Group, and Patrizia Canovese, Group’s responsible for Italian industrial relations, the permanence of Carraro Group in Friuli was confirmed.

Today in fact the SIAP's Maniago site is a global center of excellence for the production of high-tech gears.

In addition to supplying the Carraro Group in Italy and in all its factories all over the world, the Siap site boasts countless third parties, nearly 50% of sales, with major names such as Caterpillar, Fiat Group, Volvo and many others.

After the deep crisis that has been weighing on global economy since 2009, the factory in Maniago has returned to count over 320 employees to whom we must add 150 people among craftsmen and workers, who co-operate in various roles with the company.

An important result of careful recovery strategy that has seen us invest over 30 million euro from 2008, to differentiate and specialize production and make it less? vulnerable compared to low-cost developing Countries.

More than anywhere else, the Group has always found fertile ground for growth in Friuli. Collaborations with various technical schools and with Universities helped develop a human capital competent and always in the lead.

On the institutional side, the cooperation with the Region through the financial company Friulia is dated 1989 and was crucial not only for his contribution of capital - essential to the growth and always properly remunerated - but also to create a fundamental link between business and local authorities.

The Group's new Strategic Plan intends to develop and invest in an important European platform in Campodarsego (Padova) as regards the assembly of axles and cast iron machining, confirming Maniago pole as a center for the worldwide development of technologies related to gears and in further development in the short to medium term.

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