The CSR Tour starts from Poggiofiorito

A great way to create a new awareness in the Group

The Carraro Social Responsibility Tour, which is the step-by-step route that will lead Tomaso Carraro, in his role of Chief CSR Officer, to meet the management of each of our plants, started in the past few hours at the Poggiofiorito (Chieti) plant.

This meeting was also important to see first hand the evolution and progress of our Poggiofiorito site, completely redesigned to be a center of excellence in logistics and service for Carraro Spare Parts.

On this occasion, the Group vice Chairman, accompanied by some of the members of the CSR Carraro Operational Committee, was able to share our understanding of sustainability today at all levels. Because our ability to compete in the near future will pass even from here . Many ideas and numerous projects are already on the way. To guarantee their success, in all our plants we will have two "champions", that is two reference persons, who can facilitate the growth of our CSR activities at the local level by working closely with the plant manager.

An excellent start for a journey that will bring new awareness to the Group within the logic of a more and more sustainable development. 

上一次更新: 18 七月 2019