An extraordinary vaccination campaign against COVID-19 for over 1500 people organized at Carraro India

An excellent Corporate Social Responsibility initiative in favor of human capital

An important free vaccination campaign against COVID-19 dedicated to all Carraro India collaborators ended yesterday. The Indian facility is one of the most important Carraro Group’s production sites, located in Pune (Ranjangaon) since 1998.

Thanks to the intervention of the Carraro management, the Indian facility has obtained the approval of the local government to become an exclusive company vaccination center.

In this way, in just one week, 1500 Carraro people were able to receive the vaccine for free, thus overcoming the many difficulties that India is still encountering today, considering the scarce number of doses available as well as the complicated administration management.

“We are facing a challenge that we have never seen before. Our response to this challenge was a great proof of commitment and interest in our people – commented the Managing Director of Carraro India, Balaji Gopalan - and in particular we have demonstrated what it means to be Accountable and to Work Together, two of the founding values of the Carraro Group”.

上一次更新: 02 七月 2021