Carraro Group showed up at Bauma 2022 with a "responsible" booth

Low-impact materials, no paper and targeted lighting are just some of the choices that were made to reduce the stand environmental impact

Munich, November 15, 2022 – The spotlight has been off for 15 days on Bauma 2022, the world's best-known trade fair dedicated to construction and earthmoving machinery. A few days later, we are pleased to share another important choice made by Carraro Group at this important event.

Carraro’s stand at the 2022 edition of Bauma Munich was designed to reduce its environmental impact, in line with the “responsible” approach the Group has adopted for several years by now.

In doing so, a special focus was put on some key aspects that contributed to this aim, starting from lighting, for example by choosing only low-impact, mainly LED lighting, exclusively in areas where it was necessary, avoiding a considerable waste of energy. The stand areas were attractive for visitors, products were showcased in the right way, but without the strong, trade fair pavilion typical light. (In line with the United Nation’s 7th Sustainable Development Goal: Affordable and clean energy)

But, first of all, Carraro started out with a modular architectural design, consisting of elements that could be easily assembled, without being damaged, thus guaranteeing their re-use, and that could be managed in the best possible way during handling, reducing volumes and logistics requirements (and therefore also the use of fork lift trucks at the trade fair, and of transport by lorry). (In line with the United Nation’s 13th Sustainable Development Goal: Climate action) 

In addition to the above, construction materials, which have been or can be nearly entirely recycled (such as MDF or aluminium extruded structures), with hardly any solvent, were used. Coherently with this choice, hard copy catalogues at the stand were replaced by a QR code indicating all information available on the Internet. (In line with the United Nation’s 12th Sustainable Development Goal: Responsible consumption and production) 

Last but not least, a new feature at Carraro’s stand was a Virtual Reality Room where visitors, accompanied by our staff, could take a virtual tour of the products, enjoying a considerable level of interaction and immersion, thanks to special visors. Moreover, this digital space without boundaries gave users the chance to connect remotely with other Carraro people at the R&D Centre of our Headquarters. This way Carraro achieved the dual aim of improving quality in narrating its offering, and of increasing the number of staff present, without any impact on transport or logistics. (In line with the United Nation’s 9th Sustainable Development Goal: Industry, innovation and infrastructure) 

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