Carraro Group obtains "C Awareness" rating on Climate Change for 2021 by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

The assessment of the impact of performance as a tool for improvement actions.

Embarking on a path of sustainability means confronting ambitious objectives, such as those set by the international community in the 2030 Agenda, and striving to evolve in order to achieve them. Carraro Group has been moving in this direction for some time, as demonstrated by the data reported in the Sustainability Report that is made available annually to the stakeholders with whom the Group interacts.

In the light of all this, to confirm the concreteness of its path, in 2021 Carraro decided to have its performance in terms of "Climate Change" assessed by CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), a prestigious international non-profit organization that, through the provision of an established and recognized system of environmental measurement and reporting, gives a rating to companies that want to validate their positioning at global level.

Like Carraro, another 13,000 companies around the world have decided to measure themselves against CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), in order to define their contribution to climate impact reduction. A challenging path that has led Carraro to achieve a rating of "C Awareness", in line with companies in the sector (Metal products manufacturing), giving evidence of its awareness of the importance of the impacts of climate change on business and vice versa.

This recognition testifies with transparency the path undertaken so far by Carraro Group under the environmental profile, and offers the opportunity to study the performance in terms of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation of climate-related risks, indicating possible directions for future improvement, for our company, our value network and the entire ecosystem.

上一次更新: 22 二月 2022