Carraro at Conexpo 2023: the future of construction equipment is modularity

Product solutions designed to best meet the application needs of North America presented in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, March 14, 2023 – Conexpo, the most important trade show in North America dedicated to construction equipment, is an opportunity for Carraro Group to once again put modularity at the center.

Following last fall success at Bauma in Munich, and consistently with the message given to its visitors there, the Group exhibits a series of product solutions specifically chosen to best meet the needs of the North American market, including rigid or steering axles with hydrostatic, torque converter or electric transmissions.

More specifically, three drivelines are presented at Conexpo 2023: one for compact wheel loaders, one for telehandlers, and one for backhoe loaders.

In detail:

Driveline for compact wheel loaders

  • Rigid front & rear axles 48.18M
  • Hydrostatic transmission T172/2C
  • eTB220 transmission

Driveline for telehandlers 

  • Steering front axle 46.44M
  • Torque converter TCH90 PS transmission
  • Steering rear axle 46.37M

Driveline for backhoe loaders

  • Steering front axle 26.22M
  • Torque converter TCB80 SPS transmission
  • THE260/2 Synchro transmission, flanged to electric/hydraulic motor
  • Rigid rear axle 28.38M

Two of these three drivelines are proposed in a fully electrified version and equipped with an inverter and a Carraro electronic control unit.

At the heart of the booth there is the new modular transmission concept, "THE," Transmission Hydrostatic Electric, which already received excellent feedback at Bauma 2022. 

In Las Vegas, the "THE" transmission is presented with the mechanical part flanged to an electric/hydrostatic motor, specially designed to give an idea of the high level of modularity and interchangeability of the solution itself.

The idea of guaranteeing OEMs the possibility of fitting out their vehicles in hydrostatic or electric versions without having to make any changes to the chassis or driveline layout remains fundamental. A significant competitive and technological advantage.

The Carraro stand at Conexpo has also a section dedicated to its expertise in high-quality gears for off-highway applications as well as a display of proprietary hardware and software, essential for managing customers’ drivelines.

As at Bauma, also in Las Vegas the heart of the booth features a Virtual Reality Room that will allow all visitors to tour a number of MetaEnvironments in which they will be able to interact with Carraro’s products and solutions.

During this truly unique experience, MetaBrowsers will have the chance to interact with different products made in 3D, activating videos and technical insights through special pop-ups.

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