At Agritechnica. Carraro is once again confirming its outstanding skills

From the latest transmission systems to specialised tractors

On the occasion of the Agritechnica 2019 trade fair, the most important in the agricultural mechanisation sector at global level, Carraro Group's motto is once again “We know how to do it”, confirming its outstanding skills: from transmission systems (gears, axles, transmissions) to specialised tractors. 

More specifically, as a “system provider” Carraro is in Hanover to present:  

  • a compact driveline purposely designed for “light utility” and “rice field” tractors with engines from 35 to 50 hp (consisting of a portal front axle 20.07 combined with T50 transmission)
  • a driveline for tractors with engines up to 250 hp, designed in response to the technological evolution of the emerging markets (consisting of a suspended front axle 20.55 S and T230 powershift transmission)
  • a driveline for technologically advanced markets, designed for tractors up to 130 hp and including: a front axle with independent, electronically controlled suspensions (20.22 SI), and a transmission that can combine a single rear module with a front module in the Powershift Dual Clutch version (Carraro Twin ShiftTM) or the Powersplit CVT version 
  • a Mild Hybrid powertrain for specialised tractors with an IFAS front axle guaranteeing results equal to those of a 100 hp engine, but with an internal combustion engine of just 55 kW (avoiding the need to install a catalytic converter (SCR) to reduce emissions in accordance with the European STAGE V standards)
  • the new Carraro Compact V tractor, which was one of the 4 finalists for the Tractor of the Year 2020 award ('Best of specialized' section) - tractors conceived and designed for the various contexts of specialised cultivation.

This variety confirms the solidity of Carraro's know-how in the off-highway market, especially with regards agricultural mechanisation.

Thanks to its presence in every strategic area of the world as part of its “local for local” logic, from India to South America, from Europe to China, Carraro has developed a remarkable capacity to listen to the requests of the various markets.

And the answer is clear when you look at the extent of its technological range: from the most simple, purely mechanical solutions for the emerging markets, to the most advanced, automatic ones fitted out with electronics for the older, more demanding markets.


上一次更新: 10 十一月 2019