World safer internet day

2022, 8th February

Today is international Safer Internet Day, dedicated to positive use of the internet, and at Carraro we’ve decided to promote a straightforward but effective internal campaign to raise awareness around the subject of safe, responsible internet use. We support the promotion of this day to maintain a high level of attention to the informed, conscious use of technology.

IT security is a highly contemporary issue, also as part of the major themes of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, since heading in the direction of digital transition, and therefore transferring a significant and extremely important data legacy to computer systems, means that its protection represents a fundamental aspect of the capacity to manage it intelligently.

Carraro is supported by a qualified team of collaborators and a Security Operation Centre that works 24/7… but in this context there is often one potential weak link: the user. No matter how powerful the cyber threat protection model, vigilance is the first tool to use in access to digital content.

We would therefore like to share three simple instructions today, as a reminder:

1 – links: always pay attention to links received and think carefully before clicking

2 – attachments: don’t open attachments in unsolicited emails or from unknown senders

3 – passwords: set complex passwords, never disclose them to anyone and change them often

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