The women of Carraro Group, together, raise their hands to say "Here we are!"

A women’s tribute to the International Women’s Day

A women’s tribute to the International Women’s Day

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, Carraro shares an all-female initiative that aims at highlighting the presence and contribution of women in the world of work, a source of pride and personal enhancement, in a perspective of mutual growth.

Through a symbolic “raise of hand”, the women of the Group, at various latitudes and in different workplaces… at home, in the factory and in the offices, want to emphasize the importance of their presence and of their active participation. They are proud, strong, responsible, passionate women. Different professionalisms merging, integrating and enriching with their contribution a constantly evolving working universe.

Carraro, always committed to the enhancement of its women, wishes to share this choral message demonstrating that the support of women is an essential added value to be constantly taken into account.

Enjoy the vision!

上一次更新: 08 三月 2021