Open Factory 2020: welcome to the Carraro headquarters

A virtual, 360° voyage of discovery of our Campodarsego headquarters.

Open Factory - Opening digitale di cultura industriale e manifatturiera

This year once again, Carraro has decided to take part in the successful Open Factory initiative, which for the past 5 years has seen a large number of companies from north-eastern Italy (and beyond) actively participating by opening the doors of their companies.

This year’s edition takes place at an unprecedented moment in time, in light of the global situation that has seen profound changes in the paradigms and models to which we have become accustomed. As such, we decided to open up to visitors in a completely new way, via a completely virtual immersive journey through the company.

Taking a tour through some of the areas we have prepared will enable visitors to fully immerse themselves in the daily life of the facility in Campodarsego, the headquarters of the Carraro Group, experiencing the busy world of the factory and its people through a series of 360-degree clips.

This journey leads through both the production areas and the R&D department, the beating heart of the Group, where the products that have led to our company being chosen as a partner by the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery are designed, developed and tested.

A voyage that is a little unusual, and which will surely prove to be full of surprises.
Welcome to our world!

Welcome to Campodarsego, to the Headquarters of the Carraro Group. At such a challenging time for humanity, we extend a virtual welcome to you today. Here, you can get to know our systems, our products and above all our people. Happy viewing.
Enrico CarraroVideo extract: Start of the Virtual Tour – A welcome from the Chairman Enrico Carraro

Click on the highlighted areas on the map to proceed with your virtual tour. If you are using a smartphone, remember to open the link in the Youtube app.

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