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› 10/07/2017

The new Carraro Agricube range of tractors is presented at Enovitis

With an all-new design, engines and options

› 29/05/2017

New Carraro Monograph

A brief but highly significant volume that uses words and images to recounts who Carraro is today

› 04/05/2017

Carraro Tractors with “Montemonaco nel Cuore”

A specialised tractor (Agricube FL100) donated for an important post-earthquake relaunch project

› 07/03/2017

Carraro Drive Tech receives AEO-F (Authorised Economic Operator – Full) certificate from Customs Agency

Such certification will guarantee more efficiency in the management of goods export and import

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› 16/02/2017

Carraro Technology Day at Mahindra Research Valley

Great Interest for Carraro Technologies displayed at Mahindra Research Valley