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  • Carraro Drivetech
    Integrated drivelines for agricultural tractors, earth-moving machines, forklift trucks, light commercial vehicles, mining applications and wind generators www.carrarodrivetech.com

    Integrated drivelines

  • Carraro Agritalia
    Design and manufacturing of "light-utility", vineyards and orchards tractors for main OEMs www.agritalia.it/en

    Design and manufacturing of specialized tractors

  • Elettronica Santerno
    inverters for photovoltaics & aeolic plants, industrial applications and management systems for electric and hybrid powertrains www.santerno.com/en

    Power electronics

  • SIAP
    Gears and components for drivelines for construction and agricultural applications, wind-powered generators, railway and automotive applications, material handling. www.siapgears.com/en

    Gears & Components

  • Carry4you
    Discover how you can save money, buy only the spare parts you really need and get maximum benefits from original Carraro spare parts! www.carry4you.it

    Carraro spare parts

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The Machine Tool Olimpics event comes to Carraro

More than 60 students from technical institutes compete between theory and practice

The Machine Tool Olimpics event comes to Carraro